Wines from Spain

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Picture of Osoti Rioja 2015

Osoti Rioja 2015

On the nose, aromas of dark, ripe berries with a little cherry and blackberry.
Picture of Osoti Rioja Crianza 2014

Osoti Rioja Crianza 2014

A berry like, smoky powerhouse of organic wine. Compact red fruit aromas caress of tobac...
Picture of Abril de Azul y Garanza Tinto 2015

Abril de Azul y Garanza Tinto 2015

Berry flavours with fine spices and scents of herbs.
Picture of Cabirol Negre 2014

Cabirol Negre 2014

Young and spicy, with the scent of Rosemary and Lavender.
Picture of Petit Albet blanco 2012

Petit Albet blanco 2012

This wine, made of Chardonnay and Xarel·lo, stands out for its delicacy and finesse.
Picture of Petit Albet negre 2016

Petit Albet negre 2016

This wine stands out for its rounded tannins and silky texture.
Picture of Falcata Gewürztraminer Moscatel 2016

Falcata Gewürztraminer Moscatel 2016

Roses,honey and perfume - discreet and pleasant.
Picture of Falcata Tinto 2015

Falcata Tinto 2015

Elegant & powerful spicy scent of elder berries and red fruits.
Picture of Tempore SO2 free Grenache Tinto 2016

Tempore SO2 free Grenache Tinto 2016

Ruby and red in colour with a unique shine and brightness that shows its youth and freshne...
Picture of Tempore SO2 free Grenache Rosado 2016

Tempore SO2 free Grenache Rosado 2016

A rosé wine full of light and of a shiny pink colour.
Picture of Lagrima del Sur 2015

Lagrima del Sur 2015

Full bodied, fruity Tempranillo with typical blueberry and boysenberry aromas on the palat...
Picture of Vivolino Blanco 2016

Vivolino Blanco 2016

Fresh and fragrant Blanco with grassy notes.
Picture of Vivolino Rosado 2016

Vivolino Rosado 2016

Sam Kim/ Wine Orbit: 4 Stars. Very easy on the palate and lovely drinking...
Picture of Vivolino Tinto 2016

Vivolino Tinto 2016

Soft fruity drinking pleasure with Mediterranean charm.