Albet i Noya

Of the 145 hectares they control, 80.5 are given over exclusively to the cultivation of vines. The estate vines cover the western slopes of the Ordal mountain range known as "Costers d'Ordal", following the curves of the terrain in stepped terraces or on slopes exposed to the midday sun. As in all good wine-growing land, the soil in Can Vendrell has low organic content, with a variable content of clay and sand on a bed of calcareous stone, a permeable base with good moisture retention.

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Picture of Abril de Azul y Garanza Tinto 2015

Abril de Azul y Garanza Tinto 2015

Berry flavours with fine spices and scents of herbs.
Picture of Petit Albet negre 2016

Petit Albet negre 2016

This wine stands out for its rounded tannins and silky texture.